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Level Up

A never before seen event unlocking the keys to improving structure and function with your clients, without having to leave your house!

9 World Renown Experts

 Legendary Structure & Function Experts from  7 different health care industries from 4 different continents

3 Day – Online Event

July 13th – 15th.  Access this Revolutionary event from ANYWHERE in the world, all brought to you online!  9 – one hour strategy sessions.

Game Changing Information

Walk away with 9 game changing strategies that you can immediately implement with your clients to deliver world class results.


In this first ever Virtual Posture Summit you will Level Up your analysis and correction strategies for structural and functional rehabilitation through this 3 day online event.

How Structure Specifically Influences Function

Learn how altering even minimally one part of the kinetic chain will cause dysfunction through out.  How to see dysfunction in movement that is caused by a structural issue.  Where to look first for the most common structural dysfunctions, and how to predict what movement will degrade from these problems.

9 Different Proven Methods of analysing Human Structure & Function

Discover 9 proven methods for analysing human structure and its relationship to function to give you crystalline clarity in determining your treatment protocols for increased results.

How to analyze human structure:

You will learn proven methods to analyze structure from the worlds top experts in Posture, Gait, Neurology, Movement, Biomechanics, and Core Sequencing.

Implementable Strategies to improving your clients function

Walk Away with Implementable analysis and correction strategies that you can implement with your clients tomorrow, to get better results and help your clients on their journey to recovery.

The specifics of structure preventing functional improvements

Find out what hidden stumbling blocks are keeping your clients from making the improvements they want.  See how you can quickly and easily add these analysis and correction strategies into your care to get immediate and effective results with your clients.

Learn 8 Effective Methods for Improving Structure

Hear rehabilitation strategies that you have never heard before.  Glimpse outside of your comfort zone into the reality of expert correction strategies.  This coming from 8 successful expert health care professionals leading their industries in innovative analysis strategies.

9 World Experts, 3 Days, 1 Virtual Summit

Discover structure and function like you have never seen before.  Take away gait mechanics, functional neurology, movement assessment, core to foot sequencing, postural analysis, functional movement, muscular therapy, all together in ONE world changing summit.

Virtual Posture Summit

9 World Class Presenters

The Experts

Brought To You By:
The American Posture Institute

Dave Fleming
Neuro Movement Expert
Founder: Applied Movement Neurology (AMN) Academy
Stephen King
Osteopath & Physical Therapist
Founder: Functional Movement Group
Dr. Krista Burns
Certified Posture Expert, Chiropractor
Creator: Certified Posture Expert Program
Dr. Emily Splichal
Human Movement Specialist
Founder: Evidence Based Fitness Academy
Dr. David George
Functional Neurologist
Founder: Functional Neuro-Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Your Speakers

6 Different Countries

Annette Verpillot
Founder: Posture Pro
Dimitri Boules
Licensed Acupuncturist
Licensed Massage Therapist 

Global Thought Leaders

8 Different Health Professions

Dr. Eric Cobb
Neurology, Neurophysiology, Pain Management 
Creator: Z-Health
Dr. Mark Wade
PhD, Posture Expert, Chiropractor
Founder: American Posture Institute

Who Is The Summit For

Health care professionals looking to increase their analysis and correction strategies by learning exciting new ideas from different health perspectives.

Forward Thinkers who are interested in learning new ways of evaluating dysfunction with proven strategies by industry leading experts.

Professionals who are not satisfied with the status quo & want to bring their clients the best possible care.

Virtual Posture Summit

  • 3 Days Of Mind Blowing Analysis & Correction Strategies
  • 9 World Renown Experts in Health, Wellness & Rehabilitation
  • 100% COMPLETELY Online Accessible By Anyone from ANYWHERE
  • Revolutionary New Way To Level Up Your Skills
  • Never Even Have To Leave Your House

Unlock The Secrets Of Function

Virtual Posture Summit

Dr. Emily Splichal DPM, MS, NASM, NSCA-CPT

Dr. Emily Splichal

Evidence Based Fitness Academy – Founder
Barefoot Training Specialist – Creator
BarefootRx & BARE Workout– Creator
Council On Human Function – Council Member

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
Human Movement Specialist
Master’s Human Movement

With over 15 years in the fitness industry, Dr Splichal has dedicated her medical career towards studying postural alignment and human movement as it relates to foot function and barefoot training.


Run Injury Free:  Understand Impact Forces & Myofascial Energy Transfer

  • To review how the body perceives, damps and stores impact forces during dynamic movement such as running
  • To explore the concept of fascial tensioning and fascial elasticity and how both are critical to movement efficiency
  • To establish evidence-based programming for runners based on the concepts of foot to core sequencing and reflexive stabilization

Movement Screening and Injury Risk Assessment in Practice

  • Does traditional assessment tell us all the information we need to know about our patients?
  • Where does movement screening and injury risk assessment fall into practice?
  • How can you make a more informed opinion if you patients and athletes are ready to return to work or sport?
  • Can we prevent injuries in practice?
  • Simple to implement assessments to incorporate into practice.

Functional Movement Group – Founder
Movement Assessment Tool – Creator
SMA -Victoria  – Board Member

Applied Functional Science Certificate

Steve has a unique skill set being qualified as a Physiotherapist, Osteopath, personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach. He is currently a director of the Functional Movement Group and co-creator of The M.A.T (Movement Assessment Tool). He has a keen interest in functional performance testing and using objective data, technology and analytics in his practice.


Stephen King B.SC, M.H.SC, MPT

Stephen King

David Fleming AMN

David Fleming

Applied Movement Neurology Academy – Founder

Bio-Neuro Movement Expert

Teaching the Applied Movement Neurology system internationally he presents concepts of functional neurology, quantum physics, systems biology and much more to doctors, therapists, trainers and movement specialists alike.


How to quickly and effectively assess and stimulate bio-electrical charge associated with the vestibular system and related body structures

  • Quickly identify the side of vestibular dysfunction
  • Quickly identify specific body structures correlated with the vestibular dysfunction
  • Initiate a Piezo Electric stimulation to Calibrate the dysfunction
  • Perform Integrated vestibular somatic movements
  • Integrate specific vestibular reflexes with movement

Neurogenic Inflammation: An underappreciated Source of Lumbopelvic Pain

  • The most underappreciated source of Lower Back Pain
  • Physiology of neurogenic inflammation.
  • When pain persists after Spine Surgery: Mechanisms of persistent post-surgical pain.
  • How neurogenic inflammation can masquerade as radiculopathy and intervertebral disc herniation.

Functional Neuro Orthopedic Rehabilitation  – Founder
Neuro Prologel – Inventor

Neuro-Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialist
Neurodiagnostic Technology Consultant
Degrees In Nursing & Chiropractic

Dr. David George is the co-founder of the FNOR (Functional Neuro-Orthopedic Rehabilitation) system, a modern, innovative rehabilitative method that offers unique clinical solutions to common conditions, including chronic pain of musculoskeletal origin, spine pain and post-surgical pain, through an approach that emphasizes clinical efficiency and concurrent rehabilitation of somatic injury with targeted, robust stimulation of the nervous system. The FNOR rehabilitative approach also offers hope for individuals suffering from multi-system, complex injuries of brain and body (e.g. concussion, complex headache and stroke).


Dr. David George DC, DACNB, BSN,

Dr. David George

Dr. Krista Burns, DC, CPX CPN, CPEP,

Dr. Krista Burns

American Posture Institute – Founder
League Of Chiropractic Women – Vice President
Fabulosity Guide – Founder

Certified Posture Expert
Doctor Of Chiropractic
45 Additional Certifications in Human Function

Dr. Krista Burns, co-founder of the American Posture Institute, is dedicated to the development and expansion of the American Posture Institute as the number one recognized leader in postural correction and postural certification programs in the world.


Neurology of the Posture System: the Structure Function Connection

  • 3 components of postural correction to immediately implement with your patients
  • The role of the visual and vestibular system in postural control
  • Why addressing spinal posture is not enough
  • Neurology of the posture system as it relates to structure and function
  • Rehabilitation strategies to benefit your patients

Discover The Fundamental Link Between Posture and The Eyes

  • Misaligned Eyes = Misaligned Posture
  • The missing link is making links
  • How to optimize eye tracking and convergence

Posture Pro – Founder
Posturology – International Lecturer


Annette Verpillot is a Posturologist that specializes in recalibrating posture and neuromechanics. She founded Posturepro in 2008. Annette uses a combination of powerful therapeutic tools and techniques that allow her to, in a single session, target sensory receptors in the postural system and revert the body back to an aligned physiological state.  Annette collaborates with strength coaches, elite athletes, and team coaches from professional and college-level leagues to educate them on the importance of implementing Posturology protocols for injury prevention and sports proficiency.   Annette is responsible for creating access to Posturology worldwide by training practitioners all over the world.


Annette Verpillot

Annette Verpillot

Dimitri Boules LAc, LMT, CPT, CPE

Dimitri Boules

Oak Point Health & Vitality Centre – Founder
The Oak Point Method – Author

Licensed Acupuncturist
Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified Posture Expert
Certified Personal Trainer

Dimitri is the founder of Oak Point Health & Vitality Centre in Astoria, where he treats a wide range of conditions and concerns but specializes in neuromuscular skeletal problems, such as sports and orthopedic injuries, sciatica, lower back pain, etc. As the long list of happy Oak Point clients will attest, his blend of traditional and contemporary acupuncture, massage therapy, corrective exercises, and posture rehabilitation truly addresses the root cause of dysfunction and not just the symptoms.


How can corrective exercise programs contribute to more dysfunction.

  • How corrective exercises might cause more dysfunction.
  • What to look for before starting a corrective exercise program.
  • What is motor inhibition and how can it affect a corrective exercise plan negatively
  • How to correct motor inhibition in order to start a corrective exercise program.

The Unfortunate Truth About Why You Can’t Fix Posture*. Education and Assessments of The Eyes, Inner Ear, Cerebellum, & Brainstem

  • Understand the basic anatomy and neurology of the visual and vestibular systems and how these interact with postural control centers within the brainstem and cerebellum.
  • PMRF-Posture is a dynamic complex mother$%&#r.
  • Review the emerging neuroscience of reflexive postural control systems.
  • Learn the four categories of visual skills and how these relate to postural control.
  • Develop assessment and training strategies for key elements from each category of visual skills that can be immediately implemented with clients.

Z-Health Performance Solutions – Co-Founder

Doctor of Chiropractic
Co-Founder – Z-Health Performance
International Lecturer
Professional Sports Consultant

Dr. Eric Cobb, the creator and co-founder of Z-Health Performance Solutions, LLC is widely considered one of the world’s foremost experts in utilizing the neurology of movement to create extraordinary change in the human body. His company, Z-Health Performance is an advanced education company that specializes in innovating ultra-practical, neurologically-based rehabilitative and sports performance programs based on emerging research. Based out of Phoenix, Arizona,

Dr. Cobb teaches physicians, therapists, elite fitness trainers and other professionals around the world. Dr. Cobb consults with and trains professional athletes from virtually every major sport and also works with specialized units in both the military and law enforcement communities.


Dr. Eric Cobb, DC,

Dr. Eric Cobb

Dr. Mark Wade, DC, PhD, CPE, CPEP, MRS, MRI, NSC

Dr. Mark Wade

American Posture Institute – Founder
Certified Posture Expert Program – Creator
International Posture Association – Board Member
Council On Human Function – President

Certified Posture Expert
Doctor Of Chiropractic
PhD in Public Health
45 Additional Certifications in Human Function

Dr. Mark Wade is the founder of the American Posture Institute, creator of the Certified Posture Expert program, board member of the International Posture Association and President of the Council On Human Function. Dr. Mark is considered one of the most “Certified” Posture Experts on the Planet, having obtained more than 45 certifications in posture, neurology, and human function, including a PhD in Public Health.  Clinically Dr. Wade has worked with professional athletes and sports teams in every major sports arena and has served as the official Posture Practitioner for the 4 Time National Champions – Parma Panthers. He has become widely known for his ability to help individual athletes and teams perform at their maximum potential having achieved a total of 7 national championships.


Why 90% of all health care professionals are incorrectly performing posture analysis.

  • Why posture is the most important aspect to your therapy.
  • How to correctly and accurately perform a posture analysis.
  • Posture Imaging: The tools that make the expert
  • The Spinal Push Test for locating postural instability.
  • How to immediately correct Anteriority of the shoulders

Level Up Your Analysis And Correction Skills To Get Better Structural And Functional Rehabilitation Results And Become The Expert!

Get Access To 9 Training Sessions With World-Class Experts On Structure, Function, Gait, Neurology, Posture, Functional Movements, Muscle Therapy And More – Learn From The Best.

Virtual Posture Summit

Brought To You By The Council On Human Function

Virtual Posture Summit

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You don’t have to make any phone calls, download any software, or travel anywhere to experience this Virtual Posture Summit.  No dealing with booking a hotel, getting up early, or marching to the beat of someone else’s drum.  This summit is on your time, from the comfort of your home or office, straight to your computer through the internet.

When does the summit go live?

On July 13th the Virtual Posture Summit will go Live and be available until midnight on the 15th.  You will have 3 full days to watch all of the World Renown Speakers Virtual Trainings.  At the end of the 3rd day the Summit will come to a close.  (You can maintain LifeTime Access to all Virtual Trainings with PRO or ELITE Registration)

How Does It Work

Just click the link to register.  Pick your ideal registration option (LOTS of great bonuses waiting!!) and then you are all set.  You will sign up by creating a username and password, and then on the 13th you will receive an email with the Live link in it.  Just log in to your members area, and click on the Virtual Trainings you want to experience.

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Virtual Posture Summit
The Virtual Posture Summit is made possible by Virtual, which is an organization dedicated to organizing Expert World Leaders to deliver quality, implementable information to those looking to grow and expand their knowledge, without having the expenses and hassle of traveling across the globe to gain access to the education. At Virtual we are revolutionizing the education process.  Our Motto is “Learn Different”!   We take education and learning, and we bring it from outside the box.  We want to help individuals Connect*Learn*Grow with top level thought leaders, in an inexpensive, easy, and comfortable opportunity. Virtual provides learning opportunities on all topics, from industry leading experts world wide.  Discover more opportunities to Connect*Learn*Grow at

Virtual Posture Summit

Unlock The Secrets Of Function

  • 3 Days Of Mind Blowing Analysis & Correction Strategies
  • 9 World Renown Experts in Health, Wellness & Rehabilitation
  • 100% COMPLETELY Online Accessible By Anyone from ANYWHERE
  • Revolutionary New Way To Level Up Your Skills
  • Never Even Have To Leave Your House
Virtual Posture Summit